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A guided 12 week approach to live LIFE, attain your goals, and reach your full potential.

The Growth Guide journal system was created with the purpose of helping teams and individuals improve their mental performance, as well as help them reach higher levels of achievement and success.  When we first hit the drawing board our goal was to create a daily tool that was simple in design, easy to navigate, and produced powerful results.

It was essential for us to build something that didn’t discriminate and would allow people across the spectrum; high level athletes, business executives, parents, and everyone else in between, take the data their lives provide them, strategically analyze it, make necessary adjustments, and experience higher levels of growth, success, and overall fulfillment in everything they do.

The Growth Guide is strategically designed to help you do all of the following;

  • Take ACTION with more purpose
  • Give POWER to the things that matter
  • Build Habits, Rituals, and Routines that serve you and make you better
  • Strengthen your mindset
  • Become an agent for positive change
  • Leverage your days
  • Increase performance
  • Reframe failure
  • Increase success
  • Achieve your goals
  • Become a higher level learner
  • Bring more clarity to your life
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The Growth Guide journal system is designed with a 12 week plan in mind.

According to data and research, 66 days is about the time it takes for new behaviors to become habit. We decided to take that number of 66 and add an exclamation point to it. The Growth Guide is built to help you efficiently organize your 12 week plan for growth(90 days), execute on the right actions daily, adjust the plan as needed, and most importantly help you become your most powerful tool for positive change.


3 month calendar

• We knew no Growth Guide would be complete without a calendaring tool.  Each journal includes a block style calendar for planning, scheduling, and organizing important times/dates/events/etc.

Live LIFE model

• The Growth Guide includes a detailed breakdown and visual reference for helping you Live LIFE to the fullest.

Growth Guide breakdown

• This detailed breakdown provides clarity regarding each sub section of the Growth Guide so that you can get the most out of your journal and maximize your next 90 days of life.

12 week outline

• This section of the Growth Guide includes detailed instructions and breakdowns for all of the following pages;

– 7 day action calendar

– Habits, Rituals, and Routines

– Reflect and Revise

– Mindset

– Mental Notes

*sequenced in this order as part of the Growth Guide weekly progression

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